EUROM I Optical Industries


EUROM I Optical Industries is the European Federation gathering 8 national associations of manufacturers of optical lenses,frames and equipments for opticians. The countries represented are France, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Greece, Switzerland and the USA (TVC association) as associate member.

It represents 85 % of the European industry employing about 60.000 people.

Our European industry is particularly dedicated to improve vision which is so important for our lives.

Thanks to high technical innovation, our companies are able to develop the best products to meet consumers’ expectations in terms of good vision and design.

We are acting particularly on European Institutions to promote the best environment possible in Europe to develop our industrial companies and to communicate our values.


Members of EUROM I are:

  • Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Optica (SPAIN)
  • Associazione Nazionale Fabbricanti Articoli Ottici (ITALY)
  • Federation of Manufacturing Opticians (UK)
  • Groupement des Industriels et Fabricants de l’Optique (FRANCE)
  • Hellenic Association of Optical Lenses Maunufacturers (GREECE)
  • Optics Swiss Suppliers Association (SWITZERLAND)
  • Deutscher Industrieverband für optische, medizinische und mechatronische Technologien e.V. (GERMANY)
  • The Vision Council (USA)


The objectives of EUROM I are:

  • Defend and promote the industry interests
  • Be representative as much as possible of the existing European Countries Association
  • Represent the European Optical Industry in front of Europeans institutions (Committee, Parliament) and other regional optical associations (USA, ASIA…)

Main Topics

The main actions of EUROM I are:

  • Develop Quality on the market, by acting on the norms, Directives (Medical devices, Driving license,…), CE marking, Made In, Internet,…
  • Giving the people in Europe a higher quality of life and eye security by raising public awareness of eye exams and UV protection ; implementing “Vision days” and organizing Professional advertising campaigns.


Secretary General


Mr Peter Frankenstein