EUROM II Optics, Laser & Laboratory Technology


EUROM II is the committee Optical and Laboratory Technology within the European Federation of Precision Mechanical and Optical Industries and unites most of the European associations in the field Optics, Laser and Laboratory Technology. Together, the associations represent a major part of the European manufacturers of laboratory and optical equipment.

The product areas covered by EUROM II include:

  • Analytical equipment and processes
    • Chromatography
    • Spectroscopy, photometric equipment and processes
    • Microscopy, optical systems and processes
    • Other analytical processes
  • Laboratory apparatus
    • Thermal equipment
    • Dosing equipment, balances and scales
    • Isolating Technologies
    • Chemicals, reagents and consumables
    • Diagnostics
    • Laboratory automation
    • Laboratory infrastructure
    • Other laboratory apparatus
  • Laboratory data systems and documentation
  • Testing, process measurement and control technology
  • Process technology


  • AFOP – Alliance Fiber Optic Products (France)
  • CIFL – Comité interprofessionnel des fournisseurs du laboratoire (France)
  • Fabrilabo – Chambre syndicale des fabricants et négociants de matériel de laboratoire (France)
  • FHI – Federatie van Technologiebranches (Netherlands)
  • GAMBICA – Automation, Instrumentation & Control Laboratory Technology (United Kingdom)
  • GISI – Associazione Imprese Italiane di Strumentazione (Italy)
  • LABMAS – Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers Association (Spain)
  • Laborama – Union des fournisseurs pour le secteur du laboratoire (former UDIAS) (Belgium)
  • SPECTARIS – German Hightech Industry Association (Germany)


  • ALDA – Analytical, Life Science & Diagnostics Association (USA)
  • JAIMA – Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (Japan)
  • LPA – Laboratory Products Association (USA)


  • Represent the European Industry for Optics, Laser and Laboratory Technology towards the European Union
  • Provide expert opinion to the European institutions and regulatory bodies
  • Support the European manufacturers of optics, lasers and laboratory technology by valid market data and information on relevant legislation
  • Encourage worldwide trade by exchanging on tariffs and certification procedures
  • Enhance cross-border cooperation amongst the members of the associations

Main Topics

  • Environmental law (e.g. WEEE, ROHS and REACH)
  • Standards
  • Market development/ statistics in Europe and worldwide
  • “Made in”

Statement and position papers


Secretary General

2014 Francis PITHON

Mr Francis Pithon