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The European Federation eurom was founded in Brussels in 1958, shortly after the establishment of the European Community and can look back at a rich history of industry representation at European level.

The European Federation eurom is an EU-level umbrella organisation whose members represent the interests of manufacturers from high-tech industries, especially the laser and photonics as well as the laboratory and medical technology

These industries have developed rapidly over many decades using a strong scientific basis and precision engineering skills. They now form one of the most innovative and efficient industrial sectors in the European Economic Area, with a key function as a supplier of high-tech components, instruments, systems and large-scale installations. Precision engineering, process automation and manufacturing processes are becoming more complex, requiring highly complex, integrated instruments and control systems which include management information systems. The industries represented by the European Federation eurom provide key technologies essential to the sustainability and growth of many other major market sectors and help improve the competitiveness of the European market and its industry.

eurom is a key European voice for small and medium-sized enterprises that are active in the laser, photonics, laboratory and medical technology sectors. SMEs are the backbone to these sectors and an overall healthy economy. They drive growth and innovation and are often hidden champions in specialized fields. They are also important not only for larger companies to which they supply key components, products and services but also to local economies.

eurom and its members engage with the EU and other European, national and international institutions to help shape European policies that are relevant to industry. In eurom’s view it is a fundamental responsibility of the Commission, Council and Parliament of the European Union to maintain fair conditions of competition both among the European Member States on the one hand and, within the framework of the EU external trade relations, with third countries on the other.

eurom is therefore actively engaged in Europe as a representative body for high-tech industries and a voice for small and medium sized companies.

The European Federation eurom has specialized committees that represent the different sectors. The committees decide at their discretion on their activities and their structure.


Members of eurom are European manufacturers and associations which represent the relevant high-tech industries in their respective countries and their member companies.


  • Diapharm
  • Dräger
  • Fabrilabo – Chambre syndicale des fabricants et négociants de matériel de laboratoire
  • FHI – Federatie van Technologiebranches
  • GAMBICA – Automation, Instrumentation & Control Laboratory Technology
  • G.I.S.I – Associazione Imprese Italiane di Strumentazione
  • Karl Storz
  • LABMAS – Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • Laborama – Union des fournisseurs pour le secteur du laboratoire (former UDIAS)
  • Radimed
  • Richard Wolf
  • SPECTARIS – German Industry Association for Optics, Photonics, Analytical and Medical Technologies
  • VitalAire
  • ZEISS Group


  • ALDA – Analytical, Life Science & Diagnostics Association (USA)
  • JAIMA – Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (Japan)
  • KASIA – Korea Analytical and Scientific Instruments Association (Korea)


The objective of eurom is to represent the joint interests of the European high-tech industries towards the EU and to promote cooperation amongst its members. eurom aims to highlight the importance of the high-tech sectors for the European economy and strives to strengthen the voice of SMEs in Europe by:

  • providing information on and support to members in regards to key European legislation and market data relevant for the industry sectors
  • representing our members in EU policy-making processes;
  • advancing and promoting innovation for and throughout Europe;
  • facilitating cooperation and establishing trust between key stakeholders;
  • providing expertise to European decision-makers, regulatory bodies and standardization organizations
  • encouraging worldwide trade through harmonisation of legislation, standardisation, mutual recognition and certification procedures.

eurom has established itself as an important player in Europe‘s political landscape and actively contributes to EU policy-making with position papers, contributions to consultations, nominations to expert groups as well as collaboration with other industry associations.

Transparency Register

The European Federation of High-tech Industries is registrated in the transparency register of the EU.

Identification number in the register: 585778511937-68

Person with legal responsibility

Jörg Mayer

Permanent person in charge of EU relations

Mrs. Corinna Mutter
Secretary General, eurom
Directors Regulatory and EU-Affairs, SPECTARIS


eurom, the European Federation of High-tech Industries has specialized committees that represent the different sectors.

The committees decide at their discretion on their activities and their structure.

Currently, eurom has two Committees:  

  • The Laboratory Technology Committee
  • The Medical Technology Committee

Further committees may be set up on demand. The committees are the working platforms for determining, co-ordinating and representing the interests of their members in dealings with third parties. They therefore provide a major vehicle for the active participation of their members in the development of a viable European economic policy.