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The Laboratory Committee is the working platform for the Laboratory Technology within eurom the European Federation of High-tech Industries. It unites most of the European associations in the field of Laboratory Technology. Together, the associations represent a major part of the European manufacturers of laboratory equipment.

The product areas covered by the Laboratory Committee include:

  • Analytical equipment and processes
    • Chromatography
    • Spectroscopy, photometric equipment and processes
    • Microscopy, optical systems and processes
    • Other analytical processes
  • Laboratory apparatus
    • Thermal equipment
    • Dosing equipment, balances and scales
    • Isolating Technologies
    • Chemicals, reagents and consumables
    • Diagnostics
    • Laboratory automation
    • Laboratory infrastructure
    • Other laboratory apparatus
  • Laboratory data systems and documentation
  • Testing, process measurement and control technology
  • Process technology

Main Topics

  • Environmental and circular economy legislation (e.g. Green Deal, Circular Economy Action Plan, Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, in particular for example WEEE, ROHS, REACH, CLP, Eco-design, Battery Regulation, Green claims)
  • Sustainable finance – EU classification system for green investments
  • IVDD and IVDR, special focus on IVD marking of GLP (General Laboratory Products)
  • Other New Legislative Framework (NLF) legislation such as Machinery Regulation, Low Voltage Directive, Radio Equipment Directive (RED), Blue Guide and others
  • Regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Standards
  • Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
  • Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences
  • Promotion of LADS – The Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard
  • Market development/ statistics in Europe and worldwide


Committee Chair

Mathis Kuchejda (Schmidt + Haensch)

Vice Committee Chair

Mr Francis Pithon

2014 Francis PITHON

Managing Director

Dr. Janina Bolling